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Providing quality service to you since 2007.

Flat Wireless was formed in 2007 by a group of investors with vast experience in wireless telecommunications, many originally involved with Alamosa PCS.  The original Chairman of the Board of Flat Wireless, as well as current members of the Board, founded Alamosa PCS in 1999 and grew the company to become the largest affiliate of Sprint PCS. Alamosa PCS operated in 19 states with a peak of approximately 1.5 million subscribers and 3,200 sites. The business was sold to Sprint in 2006. 


Kevin Beierschmitt, a former Alamosa executive, brought on key personnel from Alamosa PCS to establish Flat Wireless.  Launching in 2008, the new entity created a regional, wireless prepaid company, d/b/a ClearTalk, with a vision to provide affordable wireless service, without contracts or credit checks.  ClearTalk operated in 5 states with a peak of approximately 110,000 subscribers, 100 retail locations, and over 200 sites.  Flat Wireless elected to shut down parts of the network operations in 2018 due to vendor support issues, migrating its customer base to Boost Mobile. The company continued to operate its retail stores into 2021. In addition, Flat Wireless continued to operate a small roaming network for Sprint until Sprint was purchased by T-Mobile.  Flat Wireless is in the process of rebuilding its network with remuneration funds from the FCC Rip and Replace program.      


Flat Wireless has shifted focus over the last several years from running our own mobile operations towards supporting the efforts of other large and small carriers, and assisting them with their engineering, consulting, and construction needs. Our in-house engineering, project management, tower, and civil construction crews have been involved in the 4G/5G deployments for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, INET, as well as many other small carriers throughout the U.S. Flat Wireless is also involved in several CBRS network deployments in the United States involving RF design, tower installs, project development, and vendor selection. 

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